"But the pet store told me…"







"But I’ve been keeping fish in bowls for x years and"


"it was only a dollar, it’s not like it matters if—"


Bettas actually like those 1/2 gallon tanks…


I just want it to make my kid happy I don’t care if it dies in a week!

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So I found Doug Dimmadome at Dragon Con

Is that the same Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, that got a private performance performance of Crash Nebula on Ice?

Yep, that’s the real Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome.
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when u accidentally typo “ph man” instead of “oh man”


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cogwheel-feline asked : First, I'd like to apologize right off the bat if this question sounds rude (I'm really paranoid that everything I say comes across as rude or disrespectful) and I'm sure you get this question a lot. Why didn't you always dress as a girl, from the start of SPG? I just recently joined the fandom, probably a few weeks ago, so I'm just curious


You’re not coming off as rude at all!

When we started this act, I considered myself a crossdresser…and was still very much struggling with my identity. Only a few people knew about my problem (my brother and girlfriend at the time). Around that time I definitely considered transitioning and dreamed of performing as a woman, but I just didn’t have the confidence to be my true self…and it would be a few more years before that growing itch would need to be scratched.

I’m so much happier right now. I don’t think many people can recognize such positive change in their day-to-day lives…so seeing that this has made me so much better off is awesome.

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Actually, I think the kid is playing Minecraft. Which is essentially digital Legos.
Two generations of creative people, just different methods of expression. Let’s not shit on the digital age as much, ‘eh?

You know what’s great about Minecraft?
You don’t get lacerations from stepping on it.

You know what’s great about legos?Your shit doesn’t get blown up because a green penis snuck up on you.
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